Are you alienating your customers?

According to a recent survey by Which Magazine, the following elements will get up your customers’ noses:

  • Automated telephone systems
  • Trying to sell them products that they don’t want
  • Being passed around from person to person
  • Annoying ‘hold’ music
  • Long queues
  • Rude staff
  • Staff too busy talking to each other
  • Standard responses to problems
  • Staff lacking knowledge of products/services
  • Having to wait for help or a response.

There isn’t really a new magic formula to providing great service that generates customer satisfaction and repeat business. It involves valuing your customers, continually checking to ensure that they are happy with the service you provide (remember, it’s their definition of good service not your’s that counts) and clear, effective communication whether it’s to spread your service ethos throughout your organisation or to quickly deal with mistakes.

From the survey results, it surprising that some companies are not even covering the basics such as polite and well-informed staff. It seems logical that, as Which reports, happy customers are loyal customers and hence profitable customers and “exceptional service more than pays for itself.” Can’t be that logical if so many customers are being put off by the same old dissatisfying experiences though.

If you’d like with improving your customer service whether through consultancy or training, please contact us. You could also have a look at my book Managing Customer Service if you want a  some straightforward tips.


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