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Proactive problem solving

PROBLEMS CROP up regularly as part of our working lives. For example, we might get sick, which makes it impossible to meet a deadline or, half way through a job, we might realise that the work involved is going to be much more complicated than we thought, which means that we’ll have to go back […]

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Tuning into assertiveness

THERE’S BEEN a rush on for assertiveness training recently from all sorts of organisations. I’m taking this as a positive sign that people are sick of a recession-induced mentality of keeping their heads below the parapet until it all blows over and getting back to their audacious roots. From my experience, even what seem to be the […]

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Play to your strengths

IF YOU’RE thinking about improving your life in some way, whether it’s to do with furthering your career or beefing up your social life, you might find a few ‘positive psychology’ tips useful. Rather than poring over weaknesses and ways to correct them, this approach to self-development aims to discover what’s right in people working on […]

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Are you alienating your customers?

According to a recent survey by Which Magazine, the following elements will get up your customers’ noses: Automated telephone systems Trying to sell them products that they don’t want Being passed around from person to person Annoying ‘hold’ music Long queues Rude staff Staff too busy talking to each other Standard responses to problems Staff […]

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You gotta have a goal

I admire anyone who sets New Year resolutions and actually sticks to them. In my case, my main priority at that time of year is reaching spring without slitting my wrists! Dramatic I know but, a sensation seeker to the core, the post festive slump combined with the ‘starless and bible-black’ nights, can have a […]

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It’s all in the timing

I used to work with this chap John who was forever whisking frenetically up and down the office like a demented wasp. You could never pin him down to talk shop and if you managed to corner him in his office, he’d pick up the phone and start speaking into it in that ‘buy, buy, […]

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