Business Writing

Improving results through clear communication


Whether it’s for print or online purposes and whatever your objectives are for writing, there are several key techniques that will allow you to get your message across more clearly to achieve the results you need.

Being able to write well for business purposes will also ensure that you maintain a professional image.

Developed and tailored to meet your specific company/team needs, a typical course includes:

  • Deciding on your objectives for writing (i.e., what you want to achieve)
  • Deciding on actions that you want readers to take as a result of what you’ve written
  • Planning structure and content
  • The writing process
  • Copy editing
  • Techniques to grab and hold the reader’s attention
  • Deciding on the media most appropriate to convey your message and tailoring what you write accordingly
  • Being professional even when the media is ‘social’.

Who will benefit from this training?

The course is suitable for anyone (junior or senior) who wants to learn how to improve results when writing for business. One-to-one consultations and training are also available.

Course duration

1 and 2 days (or duration depending on requirements).

Can’t find what you require?

If you want training that is not featured here, contact us to find out if we can deliver what you need.

Cost and consultation

Cost varies depending on the training requirements and content.

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