Improving Customer Service

Grow your business through retaining and gaining clients


This course looks at how to build excellent customer relationships with the aim of building new business from established customers and winning new business through an outstanding reputation.

We work with you to deliver training that specifically meets your company needs.
Typical areas covers include:

  • An overview of why excellent customer service is important
  • The basics in delivering excellent customer service
  • Assessing internal and external customer needs
  • Improving communication with the aim of improving service
  • Capitalising on potential opportunities
  • Solving problems before they become irrevocable
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Handling complaints
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Reviewing customer satisfaction

Who would benefit from this training?

All company employees from senior management to junior staff. Creating excellent service does not just depend on those who deal with external customers directly but with all those involved in the chain of creating your organisation’s products and services.

Course duration

1 and 2 days (or duration depending on requirements). Training programmes often include a large number of employees over a convenient period of time along with follow up sessions to that a customer-centric culture is embedded – all depending on the needs of each of our clients.

Can’t find what you require?

If you want training that is not featured here, contact us to find out if we can deliver what you need.

Further reading

For more on what Purple Pear Director Frances Dredge says on providing excellent client care, read her book Managing Customer Service.

Cost and consultation

Cost varies depending on the training requirements and content.

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