Goal Setting for Business

Setting objectives and staying on track


The ability to set clear goals and ensure that you and/or your team meet them on time is an essential part of your business tool kit.

Developed and tailored to meet your specific needs, a typical course includes:

  • Defining clear goals/objectives that help meet your business objectives
  • Prioritising goals
  • Assessing which individuals are best place to take responsibility for the delivery of each of your team goals
  • Working out what resources you need to achieve your goals
  • Assessing and overcome barriers to goal achievement and making contingency plans
  • Monitoring, reviewing and amending goals
  • Motivating yourself and your team to achieve your business goals
  • Building in rewards that your team values.

Who would benefit from this training?

Individuals and managers who wish to achieve better results through improving goal setting and delivery abilities.

Course duration

1 and 2 days (or duration depending on requirements)

Can’t find what you require?

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Cost and free consultation

Cost varies depending on the training requirements and content.

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