Negotiation Skills

Create and agree better deals

Negotiation is an essential skill to master. Whether you are negotiating rates or defined packages of work, it’s important to learn to represent yourself clearly and effectively with the aim of agreeing mutually beneficial terms.


This course will give you tools and tips for planning, preparing and conducting negotiations in a business like way. It will offer you insights into styles and processes that can help improve your effectiveness for future negotiations. It includes:

  • the importance of principled negotiation
  • how to prepare effectively
  • how to gather the information you need to negotiate effectively
  • how to find common ground
  • defining limits
  • avoiding common pitfalls.

Who will benefit from the training?

The course is suitable for anyone (junior or senior) who wants to learn the principles that will enable them to negotiation better deals.

Course duration

1-2 days (or duration depending on requirements).

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Cost and consultation

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